TILMA creates a single economic region. The implementation of TILMA presents a great opportunity for continued economic growth in both provinces. Considering that trade between the two provinces increased at an average of 28 per cent for both provinces between 2001 and 2006, that number has the potential to grow even higher when goods, services, capital and labour flow more freely.

Some of the benefits of the TILMA include the following:

  • The second largest marketplace in Canada
    Alberta and British Columbia have a market of almost eight million people and an economy of more than $400 billion.
  • Worker mobility
    A tradesperson such as a plumber or a welder, or a professional such as an architect or a nurse, can move to Alberta from British Columbia or vice versa and have his or her certification recognized in the new province of residence.
  • Business registration
    Duplicate business registration and reporting requirements as well as residency requirements have been removed.
  • Enhanced competitiveness
    Allowing goods, services, capital and labour to flow more freely across the Alberta-BC border will boost trade make it easier for businesses to expand into the other province, and lower costs for businesses and taxpayers.
  • Best value for public spending
    Open procurement policies with low thresholds help ensure that people get the best value for tax dollars. They also create more opportunities for businesses to bid on public contracts at dollar levels where small and medium-sized enterprises are able to compete.
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