Under TILMA, Alberta and British Columbia agreed to reconcile or mutually recognize occupational standards for those occupations regulated in both provinces where the scope of practice was similar. As of April 1, 2009, more than 100 occupations have full labour mobility between Alberta and BC.

Professionals and skilled tradespersons certified in one province will be recognized as qualified in both. The benefit of TILMA is that workers will not need to go through material examinations or training to practice their chosen occupation.

Some occupations are only regulated in one of the two provinces. For individuals moving to the province that regulates, the individual will have to meet the requirements of the regulatory authority in order to obtain a license or certification to work in that province.

To determine the registration process for your occupation, please contact the regulatory authority in the province where you wish to be certified.


  • Gives workers more choice in where they work and live.
  • Reduces costs, in both time and money, for workers who move from one province to the other.
  • Helps the provinces get skilled people into the workforce faster.
  • Creates greater consistency in recognizing the credentials and qualifications of foreign-trained professionals within the two provinces.
  • Provides employers with skilled workers and professionals.

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